Tuesday, November 14, 2006

mumbai & and my last day (OTUR)

alright now this is the last day of india for me and i think i'm ready to come to europe but i'm a bit afraid that i will get a bit of a cold shock or so i hear but it will be good!!!so what have i done the last stretch of my trip me and stu where on our way to pushkar but didn't quite make it but got stuck in jaipur for a few days, bowels and such but the day before i left stu to head towards mumbai we went with this dude and had a look where they cut semipreciuos stones and that was quite interesting to see how they start with the raw stone and then moving on to the final stone nice! then i left stu and jumped on a train to mumbai where i meet a pretty chilled swed so i got to get into swedish again! once there wich took a while i might add, i haven't been on a train that has been less than 2 hours late one thing i'm looking foward to is things that work!!anyway once there we went on to split a room cause the prices in mumbai is quite steep compared to the rest of india! and then just cruise in town looking at people and the town is actually very nice a bit of a shock since all the other big towns i've seen have been quite scruffy and smelly but not the area where i have been here but then again mumbai is supposed to have asia's biggest slum and i did see a sign that offered slum tours quite bizzare but i gave it a miss anyway it's about time to go and pack my backpack for the last time on this trip and it's not a sad thing since i'm quite tired living from a back pack next time if there will be one it will be a lot lighter!! will try to sum up my trip once i'm back in sweden so one more entry in a week or so and the last photos, so untill then u know what to do!!!!

tranquille seb!!!


Anonymous morzan said...

Welcome back to europe. see you later.
Many,many PoK Morzan

2:04 AM  
Blogger Ronan Jimson said...

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See u soon, Sebastian

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Little G said...

So where are you these days mister
Little G.. B.K..

11:39 PM  
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