Saturday, October 14, 2006


allright have been spending a week up in rishikesh with stu and we have been having a great new time with a lot of stuff happening and it's been real nice getting out of delhi and coming up here in the mountains with fresh air and not to much people! we rented a bike for the week and have been cruisin around the mountains and going for long daytrips(poor stu get's to do a lot of drivin and dodgin crazy indians in big old trucks) and and swiming in the ganges and waterfalls although they where quite cold but refreshing. was supposed to try to get in to yoga after a few weeks of not doing to much but i kinda got distracted by all new things to see and do here!but it has been a great week and tonite we're heading of back to delhi for a day and then on the tuesday we are going up to kashmir for a week of hike'in and fishing so that should also be very nice! as u have noticed there are no photos and the reason for that is crappy connections but as soon as i found a good one it will upload them!right we have to get going now cause we found this super chai shop up in the mountains so we are going there now for the last cup of chai before we give the bike back so keep it real and see ya'll very soon wich is quite scary maybe i will stay here!!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kärlek och mod vackra, livet gör ändå som det vill... hur rädda vi än är.

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