Sunday, October 08, 2006


hi there! i have now been in delhi for a few days and it's been good!i left goa for a nice 30 hour train ride wich wasen't to bad since in my coach there was a whole collage class of girls so like i said it wasen't to bad but they did make a lot of noise!got in to delhi around 23 and went to some hotel and had a nice shower after the train, they are not the cleanest! first day in delhi was a lot of inpressions and smells and people & cows everywhere, but i took it pretty easy since stu was coming to delhi that night so no shightsing! went to the airport and picked up stu and after that things are happening in a very fast phase after the first day with stu we had been to some fort,cruisin in backalleys and all sorts of misschief!!ran in to some guys who where doing trips up to kashmir for fishing and hiking in the mountains so that will be in a week's time! and tonite it's of to somewhere i don't know the name of but i'm sure it will be fun and i hope it will be cooler than here cause here it can get very hot but no complaints anyway time to go !!!

tranquille seb!


Blogger XrSizAndCathy said...

Hi there you lucky prick.
The best at your birthday.
Stay well.
Great hugs from Siz, Chris and Kathy.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Morzan said...

Happy birthday and have a nice time. Write moore on y mail.
P o K Morzan

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Little G said...

Super wonderful Birthday to you Seban- miss you lots, love to Stu and keep flying.. B.K.

12:12 AM  

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