Monday, September 04, 2006

three kings

Right like my friend said in the entry before shang hai has been very good to me not at all as I would expect china but indeed a very pleasant surprise the food has been amazingly tasty and the company great ! any way yeasterday we had an amazing day woke up in the morning chillin out and went out and had some breakfast and then onwards to buy all the funny gadgets but after that we went to a spa and that was indeed very nice with body scrub wich was needed and then in to the pool room where u had 4 types of herbal bath bubble baths crazy showers and all sorts of nice things ! then we had a very good foot and leg massage all while we are drinking beers and eating ( I wish I was a roman in the old days ) then it was time for dinner and as always very good and soon after we started eating they had some kind of entertainment dancers,jugglers and the likes very good only problem was that the the speakers was cranked on max so very noisy. Then petter & mattias played some ping pong I tried but I must admit that it’s not really my strong side! And now on Tuesday I will be leaving china and go to my last destination India so that will be very interesting but again I must say that china has been wonderful but it’s time to get on the road again so next time I’ll be India so until then stay happy and keep it real!!!

Tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said...

vilken trio! jag kan tänka mej att ni har haft det häftigt tillsammans. hoppas resan till indien har gått bra.
vi hörs snart igen P o K Morzan

7:22 AM  

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