Tuesday, September 19, 2006


okey have been in puri for a week now a little bit longer than i planed but some nasty little belly bug caught me and i was down for a day pretty bad i'm a lot better but still not well it's a pain in the as in more than one way! anyways puri has been a very nice place but i havent done very much tried to go and see some temple here and got very lost and took a rikshaw back to the hotel and basicly i've been staying att the beach and swiming most of the time, i must admit that i'm getting a little tired off travelling so now i'm heading out to goa for a few days and then hooking up with my friend stu in delhi on 5 oct so that will be a good boost for travelling but i think untill then there won't be much movement on my part just this one now for two days untill i get to another beach in goa! and yes this time it's train with bed but i'm a bit worried about the belly but what will be what will be! and with the belly i haven't eaten to much the last few days so getting a bit skinny but hopefully it will be alright once i get to goa!
i find it quite annoying that people here won't take no for an answer when they try to sell u stuff and all you say is no thank you but they keeps following u for about 10 min or longer and are very persistent(quite tireing)!! it will be good when i meet up with stu cause i think for me i need one more to travel in india as it's very different from all the other places i've been! this might sound a bit negative but it's not meant to be i like it i'm just tired with my belly and feeling a bit weak!!anyways u keep it real and stay happy and i'll try to get better!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hope u fell better and stu come soon so it's really good for u to c him.u have a beautiful travel, thanks for ur commentaries and pictures, it's nice.
miss u and take care.
stor puss och kram.
ur french girl from chx....

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