Saturday, September 09, 2006

India & Calcutta

okey have now been in Calcutta for a few days and it’s a crazy place it’s so many people everywhere and it smells quite a bit not always bad though but always a strong smell and the traffic is completely wild! I thought china used their horns a lot but here its ridiculous it’s never quiet well in the morning around 6 it’s pretty calm but it starts going crazy around 7 again and then it’s full speed ahead until around 23 but I’ve been having lots of fun here meet I French couple that have biked here very interesting not for me though, that I have been hanging out with and going around town but now it’s becoming a bit to much for me so as of tomorrow I’m going to the coast and the sea for a while then I haven’t got much planed, meeting a friend in oct in Delhi and that is about all I now right now! And the food is very good but I take it easy since I don’t really want the delhi belly but I guess that will come at some point anyway but if I can miss it by being a bit carefull about where I eat it would be nice anyway I’m of to head in to the chaos that is the streets of Calcutta so keep it real!!

Tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said...

hoppas det inte blir för rörigt med mycket människor, djur och dofter (angenäma o mindre angenäma). Här hemma har vi fått en brittsommar med över 20 grader på dagarna. Idag, onsdag ska jag o Gisela till Linnéa och gratulera henne på 12-årsdagen. jag hälsar från dej också. Var rädd om dej så hörs vi vidare.
Kramar o puss från Morzan

11:21 PM  
Blogger Jonty said...

Hey Boys, great to hear you are both having a top time in India. All's well here in Cham. Beaut days still. Cold in teh shade. You know the deal. Fia and i celebrated our first year together last week. Under three weeks and we will be in NZ swimming and bbq ing. Rumour has it we might be seeing you Seb this winter!!!!! Look forward to your next installment. Love jontyboy

11:38 PM  

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