Wednesday, September 13, 2006

digha and onwards

Allright left calcutta a couple of days ago and went to this place called digha and it was quite interesting mix of shack’s and hotels but it was pretty nice and the sea was warm and wavy ! only thing there was no other western’s about so people stare quite open but most smile so that’s nice! Meet this short Indian dude who kinda liked me to be his friend but it was fun we went for a bike ride on a pretty interesting bike ! we went to his house to meet his family and have a look around !! the next day it was my plan to go and stay in a place called chandipur so I took a taxi ( it wasn’t that far) but once there hotels was real expensive and the cheap ones didn’t accept single men a bizarre rule I think but not to worry had a beer and went back to digha and bought a ticket for the night buss to puri and I must say that that buss ride was one off the worst I have done because some of the country’s dirt roads gets flooded so a lot of potholes and packed with people and at times the buss was very wobbly! But got there safely (it was only real bad for 3 hours )but I think that I’ll take the train if I can from now on!! Puri seams like a pretty relaxed place I’m staying in a real nice hotel but not to pricey as it’s offseason perfect not to many people but I haven’t done much today since I feel pretty tired after the ride so had a swim and some food and now relaxing until it’s time to eat again Nice!! So ya’ll have fun and see you sooner than later now!!

Tranquille seb


Anonymous Little G said...

Allo Zeban, how r ya?? looks fabulous there, I love cows.. hehe. Am so glad you decided to go to Shanghai. Sounds awesome.. Manly town is warming up nicely, have been for 3 swims this week in front of my new place, now that I have moved down into my little flat on the ocean. Am very happy, Uni is busy as always n workin, but all good just chillin waiting for some holidays too. Keep the photo's coming- speak soon ciao- have fun in ~Delhiiii... B.K.

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