Saturday, August 12, 2006

luang prabang

Alright now I’m in luang prabang and it’s a well relaxed town along the river except from where I’m living where they start working next door rebuilding some house so no late mornings! No worries though ! rented a bike and cruised around town looking at people and some temples ! but noting to strenuous as it is quite hot here ! had a nice 2 hour massage for 5 $ sweet ! but before I got here I was in vang vieng and that was a very relaxed town didn’t stay for long just one day and again I rented a bike and went for a cruise in the countryside but now very far from town I came to some caves and had a look around. I didn’t have a torch but of course there is a small booth who sells tickets and rents out torches very convenient ! the caves themselves might not have been spectacular but nice enough but the view from the entrance was very nice!Anyway now I have to make up my mind if I wanna take the boat to Thailand or the buss the boat would be nice but it costs a bit more and will take one day longer and I have to get back in time to sort my visas for china and India. We’ll see tomorrow but now I’m starting to get hungry and going to have a look around the market now as it’s cooled so stay happy!!

Tranquille seb


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