Monday, August 28, 2006

last day in bkk

okey so now i have come to the end in S.E Asia ! did try a bit more of shopping yeasterday but it did not go that much better got a few more things that i dont need but hey no one is perfect, and today i been fixin things and sent of a colli to swe so my back pack is a bit lighter so thats nice. went for a massage again today and as always very nice then went with a crazy taxi bike wich was fun zooming in and out through the traffic very exciting! and as of tomorrow i'm off to china and shang hai for a week before my last port of call in india!right bugger this computer i'm going for a beer so write to ya'll laters!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Hannes said...

hälsa broder i shanghai... imponerad av resan, helt klart!
Ha det gott!

7:55 AM  

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