Tuesday, August 01, 2006

hoi an & hue

tjena i have been having some problems getting on to my blogg and writing whats been happening but luckily it's been pretty calm for me! after mui ne i went to na trang but i did'nt stay there just one night and then i went to hoi an and that was a nice little town but very quiet so i was very content to spend a few days there i did had a coat made up for me but i must admit that it's not the finest one but hey no problem some times up and sometimes down but always around! rented a bike for a few days and went out to the country side and a place they called marble mountains but i do not know why they call it mountains as they are hills but it was very nice with lots of caves with big buddha statues carved into the caves and they did have a very nice beach aswell!but now i'm in hue and it is to a very nice town a bit bigger then hoi an but it's cool and again rented a bike to head out and see some tombs wich was very peacefull and chilled out and as allways the food is killer but i'm coming to an end here in vietnam and are heading out to lao tomorrow and i think that i will like it alot i read somewhere that in vietnam they plant the rice and the cambodians watch it grow and in lao they listen to it grow !and they feel sorry for people that think to much so it will be interesting to see if i get anywhere at all once i'm across the border!! i will know tomorrow i guess so untill then stay happy!!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Copenhagen Post said...

Interesting reading. Nice to see that you did a little different trip in Vietnam compared to me. Makes me want to go back and do more stuff. Hope you didn't miss "the hour of the angels", when the girls come out all dressed in white. If you've seen it you'll know what I mean. Good luck with Laos. When I travelled there I found some really nice and quiot places. Especially the old colonial capital. Forgotten its name, but times are changing with all the japanese investments in the country, so I guess you will have to find out for youreself. Back home things are quiot. Had a big roskilde and got my luggage stolen on the way home from the festival (drunk). Pissed me off and haven't been drunk since. Working alot during the summer. Some interesting shows, but nothing super. Will have a little spare time in august. Thinkin of go touristing a little in sweden. Maybe se some friends who live in nice places. Rock On.

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