Tuesday, August 15, 2006

back in bkk

right so i'm back in bangkok and the noise is a bit to much here i only been here for an hour or two and already wanna get away but luckily i don't have to wait long only untill tomorrow and then i head out to some island i will see wich one tomorrow!i had to take the buss instead of the boat back to thai as the boat would have taken to long and i would have been late for my visa's but never mind! i think that in asia so far lao's is one of the best it's so relaxed and friendly so if you are going to asia go to lao!! anyway there is not to much to write about since i haven't done much the last day but sitting on a buss so i tell u more when something happens keep it real and keep a smile on your face!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Little G said...

Hello Seb, what beautiful places your eyes are journeying through. Sounds like all is well, all good here, sweated it out at Bikrams this mornin, and went for a swim in the sea after. The winter is turning to leave us... mmmm Have forgotten to send the pic of my sculpture. Will send to your e-box. anyways, nice to see your face, nice hat with the red star.. hehe.. B.K. Little G..

8:04 PM  

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