Saturday, August 26, 2006

again bang kok

right now back in bkk after my very relaxed stay in koh chang i did'nt end up renting a scooter as i realized that this was the last time by the sea for a while so i thought the better of it and relaxed more in the sea than on the beach, i did find a small trail though into the jungel but it did not go very far after about 10 min u came to some rubber trees so it wasen't very exiting but a nice walk and i did get to see some monkeys! but all good things must come to an end so the next good thing can come along wich will be on tue when i fly to china if all goes well and up untill then i thought i was going to try some shopping but i find it very hard work to much choise and to big where i went today,some weekend market but i did find some nice stuff and there is still 2 days left but i'm not sure how much shopping i can be bothered with and there is still a few things i would like to see here in bkk anyway we'll see what's gonna happen so untill then keep it real!!

tranquille seb


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