Sunday, July 23, 2006

still mui ne!

hmm seams like i got stuck here for a few more days i said i was going to leave but later on that day (last entry)the waves picked up and i rented a surf board and alas i had so much fun i got stuck in the nori soup with my board and been having a great time but have to start moving now so i bought my ticket for tomorrow monday to na trang but will not really have time to spend there but it's ok as i hear it's more of a party town and i heard of another surf town further up north so gotta keep moving and if i want to see laos i have to get in there with in a week and a half so i guess i wont see north of vietnam this time but no worries as i'm still happy but i will have to do a another food course so any ways u stay smiling and i see u when i see u!!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tack för kortet raring... du, det är väldigt långt det där håret? skulle inte du raka av alltihopa?

nej förresten gör inte det, du är jättefin!


7:08 AM  
Anonymous bex said...

Really love living vicariously through you!! So pleased that you're having such an amazing time, sounds like you're not gonna be in a rush to come back to Europe for a while. That's the only thing that's bad.
Was back in cham last month for a flying visit and Stu said he was coming out to see you. Niiiice! Say hi when you finally see him. Save loads of love for you X xx x Bex X xx x

2:07 AM  

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