Tuesday, July 18, 2006

scooter tour

Alright I have been on a 3 day tour on scooter wich has been very nice and quite interesting I hooked up with this driver in Saigon on Sunday and went to some VC tunnels and bloody hell they are small I mean the dude in front of me is a tiny asian guy and once we got out he said that they had to make the tunnels 1/3 bigger to accommodate big westerns but I think that if ur big u aint going in they also had a shooting range but I didn’t bother with that then head out on the higeway and I must say that Vietnam has the worst traffic I have seen so far WATCH OUT!! Then we got to this small town and checked in to the hotel and I had the best dinner I have had so far in asia it was super elephant ear fish very tasty and when I was going to start to eat this girl came and took my fish and made fresh spring rolls with fish and pineapple and green stuff yummie and whenever she found a big nice piece of fish she feed it to me with chopsticks very interesting but quite pleasant none the less but I felt like I was 5 years old being feed!! The next day I went on a boat tour in the delta wich was nice since it was only me and my driver , went to a coconut candy factory yumm and a honey farm hmm funny thing that most things include eating and a few more bits and pieces. On the 3 day that is today or was depending when u are reading this we started heading back to Saigon with a few stops on the way and one was a snake farm but it was quite depressing to see all the snakes and other animals in their shitty cages so I left pretty much straight away and now I’m back in the big town but only for 1 day I hope as I want to get to the beach and swim in the ocean so have a lot of fun and stay happy till next time!!!!!

Tranquille seb


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