Monday, July 10, 2006

phnom penh

Alright ! I have been in Phnom penh for a few days now and it’s been pretty nice, the weather have been nice sunny and hot but no rain although I would not mind a short shower as it very hot ! staying in a guest house with some people I meet up in seam reap. Went to see the killing fields and a old security prison and it was not to nice makes u think a little bit and leaves u a little bit shocked! seeing a shrine that is full of skulls and to hear the story behind, so like I said not to nice but good to see! there is also a lot of nice things to see and like always the food is good ! I did find this café that has really good sandwiches and excellent coffe good stuff it’s just nice to have good bread again! I think I’m heading out of here tomorrow the 11/7 will try to take a boat to the border(Vietnam) and then I really don’t have a clue so we’ll see what will happen ! but I guess as long as the food is good I’ll be happy and hoping the same for you! So keep it real !!!

Tranquille seb


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