Thursday, July 20, 2006

mui ne

hello at last i'm back at the beach but unfortunatly not forto long as i realize that my time in vietnam is not to long and it's a long country so i probably leave tomorrow but to where i haven't made up my mind yet either i keepalong the coast or head inland for a town called da lat we'll see in a few hours. anyway today i woke upp and went for a swim very nice but there is a lot of seaweed in the sea so it feels like swiming in a nori soup but it's still nice! after that i went to some red canyon and had a walk around and i found a lot of watermelons so of course i had to take one and it was yummie it's fun to pick your own fruit especially if it's the first time u see it the wild! after that i went to some sanddunes and some kids came and wanted to go sledging it's not like snow and obviosly a lot more sand anyway time is now around 13 and i'm going for a swim so keep it real and have fun!!!

tranquille seb


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