Thursday, July 06, 2006


Tjena everyone I been had a superb day yesterday I went for a cocking course learning to cock food khmer style and it was great fun and the food was yummie! First we went to the market and bought all sorts of good stuff and once we got back we started of by making some curry paste then we made a curry called amok with fish and a stirfry and two soup’s with chicken and since no one but me wanted to butcher the chicken it was all mine chop chop with big chopping knife!! so my friends when I get back we will eat some good food and then eat some more!! And my massage the other day was very nice and it was the first time I been massaged by a blind person but she was very good !! keep it real and se ya later! Off to Phnom pen on fri so we’ll see how that is!!

Tranquille seb


Anonymous Copenhagen Post. said...

Tjena. So Bangkok is too big for you. Good then that you decided to go to Shanghai since it is so much SMALLER! I am in Cham for a week after roskilde. Resting up, quit drinkin for a while. Just tired of it. We'll see how long it lasts. Flew business class dozn here since it was too hard to be around people after the festival, which was good. Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) did an amazing show. First he performed his own stuff. One song against Irak. Don't let the might and the christian right fuck up your world. Pretty cool and then he had a 10m break, came back and performed the whole original Dark side of the Moon show. Super cool. Anyways go back to copenhagen on wednesday and then work with the summer shows. Boring, but nice to meet the crew again. Rock on.

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