Monday, July 03, 2006

battam bang

hi! it seams like i missed phnom phen and got of at a town called battam bang in stead it is supposed to be the 2'd biggest city in cambodia but really it is'nt that big so i'm happy been seeing some more tempels and must admit i'm getting a bit tempeled out so no more for a while i think,i also went to a monestery that sit's on a killing field and it's pretty strange that such a beutiful place can have such a horrid history it's crazy what people can do to each other !! i have a few more days to spend before i have to head towards vietnam so i think i will take a cocking course here in battam bang, have to learn how to make these soups they have here as they are yummie and i also are quite pleased that they do know how to make bread here no more toast but nice baguette's it makes me realize that i missed bread a lot, i will probably head towards phnom pen within the next few days as i would like to see it altough it's a big town but right now i will go for a massage without a happy ending! one have to watch out around here and make clear that u don't want a bom bom massage !! have fun and stay happy!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said...

Puh i värmen... det är inte bara du som har det varmt, här är det nästan olidligt nu, allrahelst som man måste jobba. orkar inte tänka just nu. ska åka till theo o manuela och vara hundvakt. ska alltså sova med hundarna. theo o manuela o michelle har åkt till pappa idag på en snabbvisit. michelle fyller 1 år på lördag. tiden går fort..och det gjorde min cykelvecka också. vi hade det jättebra, fast lite för många uppförslut för min del. sköt om dig o ha det så bra o passa dig för massage!!
många kramar o pussar från morzan

6:34 AM  

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