Saturday, June 03, 2006


hello and hows things ! i been in bangkok for one day and 2 nights and it's been good. got to the airport around 24:00 on fri night and just camped out there and untill 6 in the morning when the busses started going . on the buss i a meet some swiss dude so we hooked up and went looking for hotels and quite a few of them where grimy but i found one, the whole hotel looks like a bathroom with tiles everywhere but it's clean and not to pricey around 5 Euro so no stress !!as i was taking a small walk i meet some friends from byron bay wich is pretty cool they are heading towards the beach in a couple off days so i'll see if i will join them or head to cambodia we'll see!anyway we got on some tuk tuk's and did a bit of sightsing a few temples but the drivers keept taking us to different shops, they get commision for bringig tourists but i'm not complaining as 4 hours of tuk tuk costed us 10 b each = 0.5 Euro and we did get some nice temples. as we split up we said to meet up later on but unfortunatly i fell asleep as i had'nt sleept much during the night in the airport and completly missed them OTUR!( i'm hoping i'll see them today) anyway once i woke up i went out to eat dinner and just cruise around and do people watching it's just to much fun looking at all the crazies and street sellers but i was still to tired so bed ways was right ways and had a good nights sleep a little bit warm and humid but no complaints right now it's 7:40 and i'm going to get some breakfast so ya'll have a good time and so will i!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous little G said...

Hey there Seb, so stoked youve found your feet so fast and have a travelling buddy. All good here. Boys say HI and have a ball. Talk soon- go easy on your belly!! B.K. Thanks for a wicked time......

3:14 AM  
Anonymous morzan said...

Det var rart att du ringde o meddela att du kommit fram. Jag får väl följa dina resplaner via datorn. Sov ut nu o frossa i god mat.
Vi hörs
kramar o pussar från Morzan

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Copenhagen Post said...

Tjena. in Bangkok go and eat at the streatvendors, where the locals eat at night. Doesn't look much at first sight, but really good food. Avoid the ones in the tourist blocks like Kaosan Road etc. In Copenhagen things are back to normal Getting installed in the appartement and the local girls. Looking forward to Roskilde. Rock On.

3:01 AM  

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