Thursday, June 01, 2006

see ya later aus!

alright time has come to say se ya laters australia as today is the day to head out towards thailand, and my flight leaves in about 5 hours so i'm just finishing packing my backpack . i been having a few really chilled out days in sydney and hanging around and sorting stuff out, had a boost shot of something and i find it crazy the prices we pay for vaccine but then again it might be better to be safe than sorry but it still bugs me!! the last two days i have been hanging out on a beach north of sydney in a campervan to surf but the water was cold and the waves a bit big so i tried for a while and then gave up, no worries! as the area around the beach was nice for a few small walk's and the sun was out so a lot of backgammon and a bit of food so like i said no worries! and i can't really say much about australia in whole as i haven't seen that much but i can say that byron bay and manly beach is two really cruisie places and that i woulden't mind heading back at some point in particular byron bay as i had a great time there but manly also had a real good vibe to it ! right gotta keep on trucking so next time will be from thailand yiehaa!!

tranquille seb!!


Blogger orjanestelle said...

ar du har?
vi slaggar pa belle belle house, 74 soi chana songkhram phra rd rum 101 tel 66(02)6293090.
vi aker ivag imorrn eller over morrn. hor av dig . kan intre maila dig , har ej adressen.
om vi inte ses Hadet sa gott
Orjan Estelle

9:30 PM  

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