Monday, June 19, 2006


hi all! i kinda messed up with my visas i thought it would take about 7 days to get them all but boy was i wrong! it would take like 17 days to get them all so i started vith cambodia,vietnam and laos and that will take 7 days so i ran away from bangkok up north away from the noice and i came to place called pai and it's really well relaxed and lots of nature around and the best thing is they have a cheap bike cyckel rental so i'm back on the sadel and peddeling hard and loving it went to a nice waterfall but unfortunatly it wasen't to much water in it but nice none the less but getting there is half the fun or maybe even more ! i found a nice place to stay a small colony of huts so it's all good and not to expensive and it's a bit cooler than bangkok and that's real nice but still pretty hot'n'humid.right so my plan now is chill here with the bike and in 7-8 days head down to bangkok again to collect my passport and visas and then head out to previous mentioned contries and then back to bangkok get visas for china and india and that will take 10 days so i think i'm gonna go to another island and chill some more but then again u never know what will happen!! right i hope ya'll have a good times and keep it real till next time!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Basti,

Snow is here!! Dumping it down on the mountains, bit cold so jealous of you being there.
Alls good & good travels.
Dave & Jo

1:59 AM  

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