Thursday, June 08, 2006

koh pha ngan

hi ya'll ! right now i'm in pha ngan and it's a really soft relaxed place i did find my friends from byron again and as they where heading this way i thought why not and i'm pretty happy i did ! staying at a super relaxed little beach and u don't have to move at all as the resturant is dirt cheap and the food is great and the bungalo is also dirt cheap! but i think we are only staying untill sunday when one of the guys is having his birthday and at the same time it's the full moon and there is some moonparty on some other beach so i might have to give it a go but untill then i won't move far from the beach i'm on ! the days are a little to hot and the water dosen't really cool u down but i should stop nagging because i'm really enjoying myself getting up early in the morning for some yoga then swim for a while and eat, swim, eat, swim and a lot of backgammon so it's perfect ! not sure what's gonna be next as i figured that i would like to go to china and see my friend so i have a few things to ponder on. is't life so full of hard disicions ha ha! i haven't found i place where i can logg on with my laptop so photos gonna have to wait untill i get back to bang kok and after this i'm not really looking foward to that but it's a necessery evil as it would be eisier to get all my visas sorted out from there i think! thats the plan anyway but lyckily plans can change, any way writing on a computer is not to funny when ur hungry so next time i'll write we'll see how the party was so see ya later and keep it real!!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said...

hej basti
det låter som en drömtillvaro som du har det. fast det kan väl bli lite långsamt i längden.
här hemma ska det bli varmare till helgen uppåt 25 grader, men något badvatten är det ju inte ännu.
ha det nu så skönt o njut.
många kramar o puss från morzan

6:52 AM  

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