Monday, June 26, 2006

getting outta here

right as of tomorrow i'm very happy to say i'm leave bangkok, had to spend a few more days here again then i counted on i guess i should try to find out things a bit more before i leave so i dont get more suprise's but no stress i have been doing quite a bit of city watching and i realize again that cham has turned me into a small town boy cause i do not have a one sense of direction at all like yeasterday i was gonna go for a long walk to this park and after about two hours i got back to where i started and got quite suprised about that, so after a slight change of course and 3 hours more i got to the skytrain and went down town and it's just to big and to many levels with to many people everywhere and it's all there to make me confused and to much impressions so it just ends up being sensory overload! but like i said no stress, tomorrow i'm off to cambodia and ankor wat so i'm really looking foward to that! i also got a new destination for the end of august before india i'm of to china for a quick stop in shanghai so that should be cool! right i'm to tired to write right now so i'm hoping that u all are having a nice time in europe so keep it real untill next time!!!

tranquille seb


Blogger orjanestelle said...

ett tips i siem reap,, hyr moped!! behover ej guide.. om du kanner att du har tid ta 3 dar annars betale for 1 dag kl 17.00.. stanna for solnedgangen, ga dan efter 04.30 o kolla in soluppgangen!!!for oss var detta nog, valdigt varmt den dagen,,
lustig grej: dan vi lamnade bangkok pa morgonen for cambodja sag vi dig around khosan road... hade da forsokt fa kontakt med sitter i hanoi pa vag till halong bay imorrn 2 dar o sen ner till laos. allt val med dig// vi har det skitbra!!! hor av dig.

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