Monday, June 12, 2006

full moon party

hi again ! right here the sun is up and it's hot and today is my last day in pha ngan! it's been really nice here like a holliday on my travels 5 days of chilling out at the beach and good food but i think it's time to get goinig again so tomorrow it's back to bangkok and i'm not really looking foward to the big town but i guess thats a good thing as then i might make my mind up a bit faster where to go, but i still going to be stuck there for a few days to wait for my visas to come back anyway we'll see tomorrow. the full moon party was a bit of a anticlimax to much people and it was filthy and not to nice not to mention the music it ....... sucked big time i cannot understand people liking that shit (electronic crap) or maybe it's the my age showing but i don't think so but it ain't rock it better be rolling down the hill and that's that! but it was funny to watch people getting more and more intoxicated and making fools of themself's but the best bit was coming back to the beach where i'm staying at 4 in the morning so so tranquille and quiet with the moon reflecting on the water very nice indeed! right i will leave you with that and tell u more when i know myself alright!!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said... en betraktares ögon kan man uppleva dårskapen..
p o k morzan

7:36 AM  
Anonymous little G said...

Seb u gettin old babe.. haha didnt they play any stray cats or Elvis!! miss u. b.fat.K.

12:13 AM  

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