Wednesday, June 21, 2006

djungel walk

hello again! today is hotter than hell here in pai and i can't do very much just walking is to much work but luckily yeasterday i went for a long hike in the djungle with a dude i meet at the hostel and it was super nice three hours in to the djungle following this river to a waterfall that wasen't the greatest but the walk to it was amazing so quiet and no people. i dont think u could get lost but it felt like it and since we had no guide it had an exciting vibe to it! tomorrow it's time to head back to bangkok to pick up my visas and sunday of to cambodia if everyting comes along my way but now i think i have to go and die in a heat stroke or maybe do a rain dance.oh! that was nice on the walk yeasterday, on the way back we got a massive rainfall to cool us down so let's hope for one now to!!
keep it real folk's and se ya when i'm looking at ya!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said...

Hej Basti
Nu går jag på en veckas semester per cykel med tjejerna. Men först ska midsommar firas hos Theo m familj. Vi har haft en riktig värmebölja men den börjar avta nu.
Skönt att höra att allt är bra. Take care in asia.
pr o kr från morzan

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

du är fin du.


11:50 AM  

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