Thursday, June 29, 2006


hi again! i'm in cambodia now and and when i got here to the border it started pissing down with rain and i mean it was a lot of rain so the buss ride from the border to siam reap wich should take 4 hours took about 8 and the buss was interesting to say the least (not the most modern)!! but once in seam reap i got to a nice guest house clean & cheap and thats all u need! the next day i got myself a driver and a scooter who took me to to the tempel's of angkor wat for the last 3 days and wow they are something else these tempel's so much carving's in the rock and just getting the rock there in the first place must have been quite a feat. i'm also happy i came here in the low season because there is still a lot of people around but hey i guess thats life ! anyway if u ever are in asia i think u should definetly come by here and the people around here are so nice and ready to smile well maybe not all but most of them ! and most important the khmer FOOD i had here are the best i had on this trip so far or at least the bowl of soup & fresh springrolls i had yeasterday it was yummie yum so i really hope that that will keep up but i hear good things about vietnam aswell so we'll see when we get there !! i think i'm heading out tomorrow towards phnom phen for a couple of days and then who knows so all of you are having a good time i hope and see ya when i'm looking at ya so untill then keep it real!!!


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