Wednesday, May 17, 2006

a little bit of rain!

Hi there ! the last couple of days there have been raining on and off here in byron but it’s still fun to go and play in the water when it’s raining a lot , trying to catch waves and I’m now getting a litte more used to the paddeling! And I had a turtle come by to say hi to me as I was resting in the water , funny!! Obviosly my foot is better I can still feel it but no problem there Have been teaching a lot of backgammon to people so in the nighttime there is always someone to play with and that’s good ! and I also realized it’s 6 months since I left swe so that means 6 more to go yiehaa! I will stay here in byron for another 10 days or so then heading back to Sydney and short after that Thailand and good food not that I’m eating bad or anything but I’m looking forward to that! otherwise it’s pretty much the same every day in a very nice way so take it easy and be happy!!

Tranquille seb!


Anonymous morzan said...

det är inte bara hos dej det regnar, här har det blivit kallt igen o regnigt - fast regnet behövs. du ser ut att må bra och det låter trevligt med backgammon. jag har nog glömt bort spelet nu. ska övertala gisela när vi är hos pappa att vi ev köper ett spel så vi kan träna.
kramisar o puss från morzan

8:00 AM  
Blogger orjanestelle said...

Hi there!!
the sun is shining at us in chamonix so it´s going to be nice to leave and have that image in our heads!!
everything is ready , tried packing today to just have a check if ew have to much or little... to little actually...
we will land in bangkok 31 may afternoon, stay there some days before heading to vietnam, cambodja or laos.... if you will be in the neigbourhood please contact us. don´t know if my phone will be working around there but if give me just an sms. tel nr 0033670614149. or email:

Now the journey begins....
örjan o estelle
our bloggname is : orjanestelle

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Copehagen Post. said...

Tjena. Sorry for not being in touch. The Cham bubble. Anyway still here. Today is monday and I am leaving town on saturday. Looks like I am gonna do one last gig at Gabbys place on friday before I leave. After that it is time to go home and become a roadie again. May has been decent here. As usual I am more or less the only one left skiing, but I have a lot of fun. Feels like it has been more skiing and less boozing for every season since 2003. This year the seriousness started with the arriving of the snow in the beginning of March. Really looking forward to roskilde now. The nerve is itching. Looks like some of my cool friends from Copenhagen is going this year and they haven't had time for a few years now. It is going to be good. Good luck with asia. Maybe I can give you some tips even if it is more of the booze kind in those countries. And by the way there is a new Drive-by-truckers album out and it is good. Rock On.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hejlille bror!kul att du ringde mig i här om dan.Det var synd att jag inte var hemma. Jag vet att jag inte har hört av mig till dig på väldigt länge. Men jag tänker på dig varje dag(min logg in på jobbet det är du).Jag går in på din blogg varann vecka ock kollar hur du har det.Du verkar som du trivs som fiskar i havet.Många kramar Yster.

11:25 PM  
Anonymous bex said...

just been clearing out my mailbox and realised it's been too long since I wrote to you.
I'm very jealous that you're doing what you're doing and I'm stuck in one place. I am loving work though, and I am getting travel around europe with the various TV shows I'm working on . . but it just doesn't quite satisfy my frustrated itchy feet.
Off to France on the 10th June for a couple of weeks holiday & spend quality time with the sprogs - will drop by Cham to see who's there, but I don't think there'll be many. Everyone's headed to the coast for the summer (very sensible)!
Will be caught in this career thing for a couple of years, but I will make it back. I'm just not cut out for the rat race on a long-term scale. I miss the mountains, I miss the people, I miss the life too much. Reste tranquille mon chere. Catch up soon . . X 0044 7813 165 237

5:35 AM  

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