Sunday, May 14, 2006

good times!

Hello again I’ve been having a good couple of days staying at the beach and practicing surfing and I have caught some waves now witch is a really good thing but unfortunately I have also messed up my foot a couple of days ago after a crash in shallow water so it’s been quite swollen but hopefully by tomorrow it should be alright or at least I hope so as I’m going for a surf whatever as there is a surf teacher staying in the hostel who said she going to show me a few things so that should be cool! The weather is nice and sunny but has been raining for two days which didn’t matter as my foot was a goner ! And I have found a good yoga school I think haven’t tried it yet so we’ll see tomorrow! Otherwise things seems to be the same here chill out in the daytime and chill out in the nighttime so i just keep on chilling hope spring is coming along nicely for ya’ll and catch u laters!!

Tranquille seb!


Blogger bluepaul said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tråkigt med foten och hoppas att du snart är i vattnet igen. Håller på att beställa en ny bräda från en shaper som heter Mackie och förhoppningsvis kan Mauritz plocka hem den. Kör hårt!


1:41 AM  

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