Sunday, May 07, 2006

byron bay

Tjena everyone hows things for u here in aus and byron bay things are going pretty nice still haven’t gone surfin yet only playing with the boogie board but that to is a lot of fun we’ll see tomorrow if I’ll go rent a board with a friend, it’s pretty funny in the hostel everyone is about 19-23 so I feel a bit misplaced during certain conversations but it’s all good fun! hanging out a lot at the beach and chilling out and also going for a lot of walks that’s really nice and trying to find a good yoga place but I think I might have found one will try it out demain . otherwise things are like I said pretty cool went up 2 in the morning today to hike up this mountain called mt warning wich is the first place the sun hits in Australia and it was pretty amazing! cool colors but the photos just dosen’t do it justice anyway I’m getting really tired now and start to think about bed so I’ll think I head down to the beach for a quick swim so all the best to ya’ll and stay happy!!!

Tranquille seb


Anonymous morzan said...

Hej Basti
Jag förstår att allt är bra o upplevelserna många. hemma har vi härlig vår just nu med träden i olika gröna nyanser, mattor av vitsippor, sol o ca 20 grader varmt. men det skulle komma regn till helsgen, fast det behövs ju också. alla mår bra. jag o gisela ska åka till pappa den 24 maj o stanna i fyra dagar, hemresa den 28 maj. vi hörs, många kramar o puss från morzan

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zeb, get your shit togther och surfa! Själv håller man på att spricka för att man är så surfsugen och så slackar du i Byron. Skärp dig eller så går jag Tekken 3 on yo ass!


1:44 AM  
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