Wednesday, May 03, 2006

blue mountains

alright i think it was a while since the last one so whay have i been doing all this time ? well to be quite honest not to much! chilling and hanging out watching people & the world go by! i havent been trying to surf very hard lately but maybe that will change now as i'm in byron bay. but before i got here i was up in the blue mountains with a friend and did a really nice hike along this canyon wall and the views was superb ( you'll see once the photos gets in )spent the night in a camper van and woke up to a nice sunrise lightning up the canyon NICE!after this we went to see this cave system and i cant remember the name as usally but hey! it was pretty cool thay had put in a lot of lights in the cave wich i guess was cool but it would been nice to see it naturally aswell but like i said it was nice!!and yeasterday i got to byron bay and it seems like a nice place it took about 13 hours to get here but it was a good train ride ! when i got here i was looking to work for acomodation but unfortunatly i missed it by an hour bad luck or maybe i was lucky who knows, anyway i hope things are all good for u as it is for me so keep it real!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

reveal your hart and sing.. the songs of the most simple ray of divinity..

friend of the answer?

4:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo basti, kiwiland is missing u, memorys never forgotten. enjoy the world, its yours. ttfn. dave&jo

6:04 PM  

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