Tuesday, April 18, 2006


alright now i have been 2 days in sydney and i must say that i instantly like it here although there is a lot of spiders the amount of beaches kinda makes it alright, so what have i been doing for 2 days ? i have been hanging out on the beach and enjoying the water and the sun yeasterday i went snorkeling and as saw big schools of fish and today i did try to get on a surfboard and boy was that hard work paddeling, i got so tired that i did not have any strenght to paddel to get on a wave but even if i did i'm not sure i would have any way of getting up so tomorrow more practice and more paddeling ! but luckily for me we had a bodyboard as well and that was a lot easier to enjoy the wave with so that will have to come tomorrow aswell. i'm really lucky as my friends i'm staying with have all the stuff and lets me borrow it so i'm in very good hands and being spoiled again I LOVE IT!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Nico said...

Enough now Seb. It's time to come home. I need a haircut. Just jokin!!

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Little G said...

Ahoy my Pirate surfer, you have blown into our home and we know you will have to leave for the colourful creatures of ByronBay, but we already hope you will return later. Lots more fishin and frolickin in the waves to be done yet. Your visit is most appreciated as you have brought your peacefulness straight into our house. just keep on cooking yay!! Love Manly* b.k.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo basti, kiwiland is missing u matey! Gd to see you are being spoilt again....watch those aussie chics!! Jo sends luv. davo

2:57 AM  

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