Wednesday, March 29, 2006


hi my friends i have now been in taupo for almost a week and have been loving it thanks to the people i have been staying with they have feed me with wine and cheese and good food and they also had i good kitchen so more muffins and cakes yumm the weather havent been great the first couple of days but it did not matter as i been having full days been up this mountain but maybe i wouldent go so far to call it a mountain as it was more of a big hill but nice never the less, it was good view but unfortunatly my knees went funny again but we went to this hot creek afterwards to chill out and that did help,i have also been for a nice bike trip with a real nice track but nothing can really compare for today as i woke up the sun was shining and my friends dad took me fishing it didint start of to well as i was all over the place but he was very patient and after a while i got it so around we went to these different fishing spots and wouldent u belive it but seb the fisherman caught a 2 1/2 kilo beautifull specimen of trout in this nice pool so that was my first real fish caught on a flyrod in the wild so guess what's for dinner yes u know it, so you all have a wicked time as i'm of to the kitchen yummie!!!!!!!

tranquille seb the fisherman


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