Sunday, March 12, 2006


allright i'm now in a town called dunedin and its been fun getting here we have been driving all along the south coast and being very touristic stoping at alot of shights and seeing sealions,seals and penguines and a lot of very nice nature so it's been very good traveling with a car for the last week but today D&J left to head back to auckland so i'm left to fend for myself again that means back to busses as i won't drive on the wrongside of the road it would be a disaster i think and talking of disaters i did have a very bad sunday since i seemed to have fallen into a bottle of beer on sat and i was a very long time since i did feel that bad i seriously thought i was breaking down i didn't leave bed untill 15 and took a short walk and then back to bed not very good but that is how things go sometimes anyway have a supertime untill next time!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jag alskar thailand, thailand alskar mig! underbara underbara sol, mat, vanner och yoga.... har tusen tips men dom far du nar du kommer i narheten...

puss och puss

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Morzan said...

Vackra och talande bilder. hoppas du känner dej bättre nu. blev det "disaster" när d&j lämnade dej? när jag pratade med dej på telefon lät du ju glad o pigg.
vi hörs vidare puss o kram Morzan

1:25 AM  
Blogger XrSizAndCathy said...

tjenare... tack för brevet å halsbandet!!! det var verkligen snyggt! har du det skönt i värmen? här är det ju iallafall sol så det blir kanske sommar igen... =)
ha det nice K

7:17 AM  

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