Friday, March 24, 2006

rainy welligton

right my time in welligton has come to an end and i been having a good time here no thanks to the weather though wich has been raining the whole time, they say it dosen't usally keep on raining for that long so i can only say OTUR but thanks to some friends from cham that i been staying with i been having a really nice time going to museums (one with a shaky house as in a earthquake fun!) and good walks and a bit of a tour around town and a nice town it is i have also been back to yoga class twice wich was really nice, first time in a year it's hard to keep practise up when staying in hostels and dorm's as u have no privacy and another thing, again i have a nice kitchen to cook in and a new good recept for muffins has come up yum yum anyway i'm heading for taupo so keep it real and keep it up in cold europe or wherever u are!

tranquille seb


Blogger orjanestelle said...

örjan chambre här!!!tänker vänta med o fråga dig hur du har det tills vi möts i asien. estelle o jag startar vår jorden runt resa 30 maj ondon bangkok. några dar där o sen troligtvis drar vi emot vietnam. om du vill kontakta mig så har jag email.
hör av dig så vi kanske kan samman stråla!!
be cool Örjan

6:28 AM  
Anonymous little G said...

Olah senior, your adventures sound so fabulous.. Still more ahead. Question- can you ride a horse? See you soon... BK..

4:12 PM  

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