Sunday, March 05, 2006

queens town

right i'm in queens town now ! dave & jo had a bit more vacation and wanted to se queens town and more of south so instead of taking the bus we flew down and have been here for one and a half day its a nice town but yeasterday me and dave took a long hike starting in town and hiked up this mountain 1780 m and it was real nice but unfortunatly i killed my knees so right now i'm having slight problems walking and getting out of bed but ce la vie today we'r thinking about going on the power jet boats looks like fun and then head out to another town with a rental car and travel around so thats cool and i will see if i have to come back to queens town for a bit longer next week when d & j gone home ! the only problem around here is that everything is so expensive ! i think i might been a bit spoiled after ecuador but u cant really compare the two but its more like cham wich if ur not working aint cheap! but again ce la vie right now my coffe is finished and breakfast eaten so i think power boats are calling we will se when i find some wifi, hopefully soon but untill then be happy!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said...

hello my son
i think y are a master of extreme.
first no talking for 10 days then hiking a big mountain (1 day)but i think y have fun.
All well at home. Dad back to Skåne. Im working hard as usual.
my birthday was ok and thanks again for y remember and telephonecalling.
Kramar o puss från Morzan

7:40 AM  

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