Wednesday, March 08, 2006


hi ya all hows trix here things are fine i went kayaking for the first time yeasterday in a place called milford sounds and it was fantastic. we had to get up at 5 in morning and drive to this place cause the hostel nearby was full so i was a bit tired and it was raining and cold but once there we had a cup of coffe and meet up with our guide for the day and signed some papers and got some instructions then of to the kayaks it was still raining once we got out on them but it was fun and so very beutiful scenery lots of waterfalls and steep cliffs and mountains it was like when u watch lord of the rings and u "go wow so nice" only a lot better since it's real!!! saw a few peguines and seals no dolphines tough maybe next time. i think i will have to start kayaking it's a good way to see things and so much fun!right now i'm on the south coast and heading slowly to christchurch to drop of dave and jo and then keep going solo up along the coast and wellington and onwards i might try to head out to thailand a little bit earlier than planed cause yeasterday we got some snow hmmm i know it will be warmer on the north island but we'll see no stress here anyway i hope ur not freezing to much over there as i read u got a bit of snow and as for now chill out!!!

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Anonymous Morzan said...

här var det 15 grader kallt i morse sol o lite snö blandat. det låter skönt med paddling. nu förstår du kanske varför jag tyckte det var så mysigt o paddla på tjejveckorna. fast det var ju en annan naturupplevelse på de svenska älvarna.
du skulle väl inte till thailand förrän i juni och så skulle väl du göra australien först.
ha det bra, vi hörs
kramar o puss från Morzan

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Morzan said...

hej igen
jag ska hälsa från cecilia beck-friis o johan åberg o lilla alexia 11 mån. cecilia var på besök här idag. dom ska bygga till sitt hus. jag har ju en bild på dej från bloggen i mitt fönster. så hon blev jätteförvånad när hon såg bilden och förstod att jag var din mamma. men det var ju roligt. hon berättade också att ni hade setts i stan när du var ute o cyklade i höstas.
sen var det en tjej på jobbet som också såg bilden o tyckte du var en riktig läckerbit. då blev mamma stolt. puss o kram morzan

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there you lucky prick.
The best at your birthday.
Stay well.
Great hugs from Siz, Chris and Kathy.

10:53 PM  
Blogger XrSizAndCathy said...

Hi there you lucky prick.
The best at your birthday.
Stay well.
Great hugs from Siz, Chris and Cathy.

10:55 PM  

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