Friday, March 17, 2006


tjena i've been hanging out in christchurch for a few days not to much happining there but it was nice doing citywalks and stuff but i left this morning and got to this small town called kaikoura wich is really nice unfortunatly i'm leaving tomorrow already a misstake on my side booking ferry ticket beforehand but hey what do we say OTUR ! but i had a nice day here went for a long walk when the tide was down around the coastline and there was a lot of seals around if u didn't watch out u could walk right into them but luckily for me i watched out or maybe the seals where the lucky ones after that i had a nice cold one in the sun it's nice but the weather getting varmer the further north i get and i hear they have around 39 in aus maybe thats to hot but i think i can coupe by staying in the water anyway tomorrow i'm heading up to welligton for a few days then taupo for fishing i hope but i will let u know right now i'm hungry and there is free soup in the kitchen and it smells really good so hasta la vista bayby!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous morzan said...

chiao hur är läget? hoppas allt är bra. det är rätt så blåsigt över nordöstra australien vad jag har sett på tv. när var det du skulle dit? det var väl i maj eller?
puss o kram take care (i know)

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