Monday, February 13, 2006

wedding weekend

wow what a weekend i been having lots of fun with lots of chamange and beers and even more food. i started with helping dave sorting out the venue wich was the brides parents vinyard that sits on a hill in the country side unpacking tents,wine and more drinks and of course drinking some as well as the weather was supernice and warm.for the wedding they had around 90 people comming to the cermony and it was very relaxed and nice and no hesitations when they made their vows and i did not loose their rings ! after that we went for dinner that was held in a golfclub with lots of oysters for starters and roast chicken with trimmings for main good stuff and not to forget a nice weddingcake superchocklate!!i cant really remember to much or maybe i'm just lazy and cant be botherd to write everything down!!! the day after we went fishing on this 44 foot boat and this was lot's of fun.there was 14 of us and we had packed a lot of beer and food so of we went and the sea was not to rough, it was just perfect and the sun was out and really strong so lots of sunblock. the fish that we where going for was snapper and i did get 5 of them but none big enough to keep so i will have to come back for that but we where trying hard and working our self out so we had to drink lots of beer to keep up with ourselfs but after 4 hours or so we gave up and out of 40 fish we could only keep 9 but hey after they where smoked they did taste fine but 9 fish don't feed 14 so we had a bbq aswell !!right, i won't write for a while as of tomorrow when i'm going to a retreat for 10 days of no talking so we see how that goes so untill then stay out of truble and keep quiet!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

raring! du måste ge dave en stor kram från mig! minns inte om du tänker mellanlanda i thailand men... vi är där 7-22 mars. det vore självklart fantastiskt att se dig.

stor kram

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Nico said...

Allez Seb!!!! Skönt att du har det bra, men du missar fin fest på lördag!

Med Charles Kula, Ism och Supermario.


3:03 AM  
Anonymous copenhagen post with totally tove said...

baaaaaaasti jaha här sitter man, kidnappad på en 24 timmars av bösen sandberg. flatljus o onkel tupelo e aldrig fel. festliga byxor förresten. Gudrun var bra. Synd hon hade en så tjock och stor bakdel. Djävla elefant. Bara hittepå. Du vet hur det kan bli. Har hört att du skall hålla käft i en vecka. Fick lust att köpa en biljett till nz och nypa dig i röven efter fem dagar. Klassiker. AJ SOM FAAAN. OJ nej. Haha OOOOOOtuuuuuuur. HMmm, undrar vem som vunnit tysta leken av mig o david?:!!:::::,,,

6:35 AM  

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