Friday, February 03, 2006

last day in south am.

right now is my last night in south america and it´s been good but i think it´s going to get even better now as i´m about to go to NZ but we´ll see soon anyway my week in valparaiso have been very relaxed the weater have been so so but i meet a lot of nice people here but all the beachtime that i was planning kinda went through the window althoug today has been very nice and sunny and i do belive i burnt my nose as its a bit red and sore ! as im writing this i´m also looking at alot of photos of people snowbording they have ski tours from the hostel from june and onwards and it does tickle my snowfeelings but then again sand,water and sun with shorts is not all to bad either ... i can´t really be asked to write anymore right now so i´ll think i´ll go and pack my bags and write to y´all from NZ
tranquille seb


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