Wednesday, February 08, 2006


hi there i'm finaly in nz and auckland ! it was a long flight about 14 hours from santiago but once we landed it was cool. dave who i havent seen for 3-4 years meet up with me at the airport and took me for a short drive in town went up some small volcano overlooking auckland but i must admit that my first day was a bit hazy as i was very tired so i was quite happy getting to bed that night ! next day we went to his mothers place at someplace with some funny name (moari names cant get them)it was nice lots of animals and nice scenery after that we had a look on some nice beaches! i'm also very pleased to be in a house with a real kitchen so i've been making muffins and yummy foods to my hosts pleasure. this morning we went to have a go at wakeboarding in the harbor excellent fun first time in 16 years for me but not the last anyway i better get going as i have to try a suit for daves wedding on sat so i write more after this weekend !
tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said...

ciao basti
have a good time on nz and i wish y, but first of all dave, a good luck on sat the weddingday !!
Kram o puss

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Per said...

Can't get a decent shave in Chamonix these days and thats a damn shame. But since it seems like you're having quite a good time on your trip, you're forgiven.
Keep it up!


12:13 AM  
Anonymous Copenhagen Post said...

Say hello to the marryinf bitch. Not much going on in Cham. Still looking around for a place to stay. Have a couple of alternatives, but not to pleased with any of them. There is supposed to be some snow coming in. We need it. Probably end up in a crazy powder day. Everyone is desperate. Rock On.

10:03 AM  

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