Sunday, February 26, 2006

10 days of vipassana

right! now that was an interesting experience and a very nice one but there is'nt that much to write about since it was pretty strict schedule up at 4 and lights out at 9:30 and doing 10-11 hours of meditation a day and only 2 meals a day wich was the only downside but at least it was very good meals and as u where not aloud to talk one seemed to go inwards quite alot wich i guess was the whole purpouse of being quiet (but i might keep that to myself for awhile) along with a few other things and it was very funny trying to talk after that long time being silent the throat was very relaxed and felt very soft & wobbly but now i had a day of talking and walking around in auckland looking around and i think that i soon should start my travels in nz but first i'll be meeting some other friends from cham but i guess some time next week i'll be on my way somewhere else but as always one will have to wait and see what comes up so untill next time !!
tranquille seb

ps: if your want to know more of the meditation u can look it up at


Anonymous Little G said...

OOHMMMMMMMMM...... ********

May the satsung be in your heart and Nemeste in your days ahead. And the source be in your conscious always. MWA* b.k.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous french fries said...

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4:42 AM  

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