Friday, January 13, 2006


allright been in this small town called vilcabamba for a couple of days and what can i say it´s fantastic it´s so chilled out and the views are killer ! i did go for a long hike yeasterday it was supercool really exposed walking on a really thin path with big drops on both sides did get me a bit dizzy and i got a bit of vertigo u will see when i find somewere whwere i can post photos. the walk was´ent to long it took about 2 1/2 hours and i dont know how high but i think it´s like brevent, after that we (i meet a dutch dude for the walk) thought it was a good ide to go looking for a waterfall and that took us a long time and we did´nt really find it but it did not matter cause we found this other spot wich was amazing we had to walk through corn fields and a bit of bush but once we found it was sweet a small opening and i mean small where the river was fast so when we went in u had to fight the current, and it was COLD a bit like lac blanc in the springtime but very refreshing ! all in all we was walking for almost 6-7 hours so today i´m feeling a bit stiff and tired so it´s a good thing i don´t have to do very much except to chill out and eat ! the hotel i´m staying in is a bargin i pay 4 dollars and breakfast is included (fruitsalads with yougurt and bread + coffe sweet!). i´ll probably head of towards the beach on sun and get there on mon we will see but if u ever go to equador, one HAVE to come to this place it´s one of the nicest places i´ve been so thats that!!

ps:i love reading the comments and mr egg and bacon can u send me a mail since i´ve lost your adress


Anonymous Morzan said...

hej basti gott att höra ifrån dej igen. du verkar ha det bra. här hemma är allt som vanligt. jag ska hälsa på michelle i helgen. snön ligger fortfarande men börjar sjunka undan +grader på dagarna. håller reskassan? det är ju billigt du bor nu. var det inkl fruktfrukost? det lät gott. det låter tryggt att du går och inte cyklar.
Ha det nu så bra och njut.
många p o k Morzan
ps. nu är kl strax 1700 så jag ska gå hem från jobbet ds.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Egg & Bacon said...


email is zander(a)

for all you vegetarians!


7:37 AM  

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