Thursday, January 05, 2006


alright now i´m in riobamba and the ride here was again really nice scenery from the bus.the town in it´s self is not the best or maybe i´m just having a anticlimax after the jungel but i´m feeling a bit bored and lonley today! i will se if i get the train out tomorrow or on sun it depends on connections after the train and weather!the first hotel i got in to was interesting to say the least quite scruffy and noisy but now i have changed so it should be cool! i do belive it is soon time to head for the coast and the beach but there are a few towns to go before i hope all is well with everyone and it´s now time for me to do my favorit thing EATING!!!
tranquille seb


Anonymous morzan said...

its nice to hear from y every time. y say y feel boring, thats ok. y cant be on top every day. eat and be happy.
puss o kram från morzan

4:23 AM  

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