Wednesday, January 25, 2006


hello again i´m sad to say that i´m running out of time in ecuador got 5 more days and i just got to otavalo i was pretty sad in leaving montanita it was a really nice town and the pacific was sweet lots of nice chilled people but all good things must come to an end on my way up to otavalo i got stuck in a town called puerto lopez since the bussdrivers wanted more money so they went on strike but it was cool got to relax yet another day in the hammock because not much going on in lopes but hammocks are not a bad thing (just bought a nice one) then a nightbus to quito and onwards to otavalo i just got in this morning but it feels like a nice place the people here a very beutiful (i can´t spell any longer i think ?)dressed and friendly smiles, i´ll stay here untill fri then it´s back to quito and sun off to santiago chile so on fri i´ll be loading up alot of photos time is now 15 and i´m so tired after the busride not to much sleep so i think a siesta is in order !!!
tranquille seb


Anonymous laure said...

hej man,

it's good to have some news. i'm impatient to see your're feel good. here it's a good winter.i'll write you an email and explain you what's happen here, just some news about chx...à bientôt.
think of you. puss och kram.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Mr Lundstroem said...

Bonjour Zeb! Hope you're fine! Call my brother when you're going to Valparaiso! Ciao/Nico

7:00 PM  

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