Wednesday, January 18, 2006


right finally at the beach again and it´s sweet nice sun altough not today, big waves+varm water to play in but it´s lots of tourists like myself feels abit like cham in wintertime but hey it´s nice, lots of bars if ur in to that thing me i´m usally to tired around 23 to stay awake. i rather go up at 6 when everybody else is asleep and head to the beach, do some yoga in front of the pacific (nice!) then jump in the water and play & chill! around 10-11 people seams to come back to life and head down to the beach! and then there is alot of things to look at both for guys and girls!! it´s a bit more expensive around here but still not bad at least i found a ok hotell 4 $ a night and a dodgy kitchen but i can cook my own food wich saves alot of monies.the sunset´s here is really something i mean it´s nice everywhere but here it´s really nice! i only been here for 1 1/2 days so i have´nt tried surfing yet i´ll see if i rent a bodyboard or something tomorrow or maybe today if it stops raining but i still got 5 days to go so no stress !right i still have´nt found some where for my laptop so u just have to wait for photos untill next week when i head back to quito and for u that was hopeing (mainly me) for galapagos it will not be, 1000 $ is just to steep for me ! anyway hope u have fun in the cold while i go for a swim in the PACIFIC!!!!!!
tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said...

hello; tack för ditt telsamtal häromkvällen. det värmde. fast det var svårt att uppfatta allt vad du sa. o så blir man ju så glad så man pratar i mun på varandra. men vad jag förstod var allt bra. och när jag läser din sida så förstår jag att allt är ok. här är det nu lite snökaos på gång och rätt så mycket vind. men det ska vi väl ta oss igenom. sköt om dig o många kramar o pussar från Morzan

2:46 AM  
Anonymous littleG said...

allo zeban, am in honey with Kristoffa readin your blog, sounds beautiful there..n good snow here but am headin back to the sunshine too..
J & K send u B;K; too.. ###

5:43 AM  

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