Monday, January 09, 2006


hello everybody! right now i´m in cuenca the trip here was nice i took a train from riobamba wich was really nice sitting on the roof on a shakey train in the sun it was´nt as exciting as i had thought but the scenery was exellent but i had hoped for bigger drops on the sides of the train but then again they where pretty deep anyway u wouldent wanna fall off ! on the train i meet a eng dude that was on his way to cuenca aswell so we hooked up and went togheter it was a long way started 6 in the morning and the train was finished at 2 then a buss for another 4 hours so it was sitting down for 12 hours, not something i wanna do in the near future ! anyway once we got to the hotel we droped of our bags and went to look for food since it was sun most resturants was closed so we went to some fastfood place who served roast chicken and that cant really go wrong! during our dinner the people on the next table (a mother and her son)started talking to us wich again was fun but hard to understand! they ask if we wanted to take a walk with them and they seemed nice enough so why not,so during this tour we meet some friends of hers one who was a musician and some other crazy people and they where all very very drunk and wanted more so we tried to find a bar but most where closed so we bought some beer and went to a park and had a talk! while the musician was singing alog and he had an amazing voice, silvia (the mother) was telling us that our company was mainly people who where living on the street and how life was for them! they where very nice friendly people but after a while some other guys came along and then silvia thought it was a good time to go as they where bad people thiefs and robbers are not the kind for a gringo to hang out with so on we went on our way home she ask us where we are staying and once we told her she said that maybe that is not the best area in town and that is coming from someone from the street so she recomended that we walk fast and so we did! but no problem i woke up this morning with all parts where they should i will do the tourist thing going to museums and things like that cause tomorrow i´m going with mark to one really chilled out town almost on the border to peru to hang out for a couple of days then i really have to get going to the cost and montanita as they are having a big party on the 19 and i also have to go to a market town north of quito before i leave and although its a small contry it still takes time to get around and time goes fast and like i said no more 12 hours on a buss!! so now i really have to get going !
tranquille with a bit of haste seb


Anonymous Little G said...

Hi Seban, am grinning from ear to ear reading all your diary entires. What a ball your having. Came out to France for a little bit to see some family & friends etc- walked past your place with Stew.. Ahh bizzarre your not there- but am so happy your heading for Peru wahoooooooo... nothing changed here, am leaving next week for London for a bit. Just needed to get away after mum died.. Anyways BIG KISS** More pics please!!! H.E.B.K. & SH.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Nicolas Zander said...

Hej Basti!!
God Jul
Gott Nytt År
Hoppas du har det bra
Fina bilder
Fina texter
But where are pictures of naked ladies?
PS. Kan du inte svara så man vet att du läser detta?

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Borat said...

Hey Basti!
I was wondering if you could do me a favor.
My brothers girlfriend eldest brothers cleaning lady needed to bring a bag with coffee from Colombia to Europe. I said you were in the area and maybe you could bring the coffee to Europe?

7:41 AM  

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