Monday, January 02, 2006

crazy new year

i hope u all had a good new year me i had a great time in amazonas the first two nights we spent in a hut quite deep in the djungel and it was real nice no electicity and no running water we did lots of hikes and had a look on some medicinal plants and trees we also went to a cave and had a look on turantulas and they where a bit freakish in the cave dont really look like spiders but they where BIG! the bugs around here a funky things crazy colors and shapes and heaps of them the night time is when they are active and they make a lot of noice and lights the weater the first days was very hot and humid and the nights thunder exellent! the only problem the first days was food not as much as i need for all those hikes but that was because we had to carry everything with us but it was cool anyway.after that we change place to a super nice hut still no electicity but a little closer to the river so food was superb they make killer food in the here lots of fruit and good stuff but chiken and yuca ( is a bit like potatos but a lot dryer and denser )and rice seams to be the base most time on this new place we where quite close to a indian community so we had a look how they live and what kind of crops they have lots of bananas,cacco,coffe,yuka and lots of different fruits wich was all delicios.we also had a look on their hadycrafts mainly neckleces of grains and some cord very simpel but nice.then we went to a animal rescue center and replantation lots of monkeys running around freely and birds in lots of colors also very nice but i think the best memory will be new year wich we celebrated with the indians it was me and the two canadiens that i meet and the rest was indians it was fuuny as hell i didnt understand a lot of the conversation but that didint stop them from talking. what they do is u buy a bottle of boze(wine,tequilla with cinnamon or chicca a crazy potent brew of yuka and something else) and 1 plastic mug and u walk around giving everyone a shot and they do the same so u end up really hammered and at midnight they burn a life size doll to burn all the old bad stuff so u can start the new year afresh and lots og hugging and kissing. the only sad thing is that they cant really control thair intake so they end up really drunk and if it wasent for the women things would definetlly go pearshaped but overall i had a supertime with them!and yeasterday after we got back to tena had a long shower & dinner i was craving a bit of sugar ( no chocklate in the djungel) i went to buy some in the small kiosk but when i got there the owners was having a party of five people and they thought it a good ide that i join them so they "forced" me to drink a lot of beer and a lot of dancing it was really funny as one of the girls took a fancy for me and started dancing quite close with me very funny since they was not of the smallest size but i had a good time dancing and today my canadien friends have just left and i´m waiting for my laundry it´s 30 degrees and sunny and i think i´ll stay here for another two days then i´m planning to go on a crazy train ride that i read about switchbacks down the mountain on the roof cool! we will see when photos will show up but hopefully soon untill then have fun!!
tranquille seb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Years dude. sounds like u had a good hangover like me. Very relaxed drinking loads,smoking cigars chilling watching the fireworks off the sky tower and in the city. Hangover from hell after..almost counting down the sleeps now.."...." scary.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Morzan said...

det nya året verkar ha börjat bra för dej så jag får önska dej en lika bra fortsättning. ska bli spännande att se bilderna. hemma är allt som vanligt 10 grader kallt, sol och moln blandat och rätt bra med snö. Alltså vackert.
ha det bra så länge och håll dej fast på tågtaket.
Kramar o pussar från Morzan och Pa

2:29 AM  
Anonymous laure said...

je te souhaite la santé, le bonheur et tout ce que tu désires pour 2006.
take care. by by
ton amie française ...

3:45 AM  

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