Tuesday, January 31, 2006


right folks now im in chile and in valparaiso it was a long way getting here and not to much sleep started from quito at 13 and arraived at santiago at 2 but i couldent sleep so i sat and waited for the buss untill 6 and got here at 9 and its a nice place but i tought it was gonna be a small town but its not really that small and not the cleanest either but nice enough anyway .the hostel im in is really nice a bit scruffy but i like it and there some really nice people around went and had some lunch in a hare krisna place nice with a lot of veggies. after that of to the beach nice with a swim but the waves and the undercurrent is preety strong and i only had my boxers to swim in and with the first wave i almost lost them wich was quite funny i had to hold on whit both hands so today i will bring proper swimtrunks i think. weather is not super sunny, its a bit overcast but its warm enough and the water is not the varmest but its cool .and as usally there is no wifi so photos will have to wait again i think ill head up to santiago on thursday and on sat its of to NZ and i cant wait for that but that will be later so right now i think i will enjoy today. have fun in the cold or what ever the weather is like where u are alright have fun!!!
tranquille seb


Anonymous Nicolas Zander said...

Yo min brorsas nummer är: +56 82596996!

Check ya later!


6:58 AM  
Anonymous bigga said...

continu a profiter et a ecrire mais envoie plus de photo ,nous aussi on veut voyager .on t aime
leo milo bigga

8:53 AM  
Anonymous bigga said...

en fait c'est parfait t'est le meilleur

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Little G said...

ooooh lala, beautiful photos.... timewarp- Im back on ze beach too.. may ze force be wiz u little ewok. *Am planning a wee trip to marlborough sounds NZ in march 10-20 4 my bday -to go to a friends island fishin etc no cars no roads.. let us know if yer down that way... B.K.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Morzan said...

hej har du packat o fixat inför nzresan nu? tänker på dig. här har det blivit lite kallare igen o just nu ett lätt snöfall. allt är väl med oss, pappa lite grinig som vanligt annars ok. vi hörs puss o kram

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Copenhagen Post said...

Haven't written in a long time. Everything is cool in Cham. The conditions are the worst I have ever faced here. Time for new skis. Went home for two weeks and ran around sweden in a tour bus with Lord of the Dance. Riverdance show, but made some money anyhow. Currently playing two nights a week. Goophy and Southbar. And ofcourse no where to stay in Cham as usual, but working on it. Have been in contact with three different appartements, so I think something will come up soon. Ofcourse I am drinkin too much, but then again I am used to it. Had some great touring in January. Good skiing to. The women the women. You know how it is. I guess we should talk about those on a more private place. Had some fun with a new friend here today. We went in to our new alter egos as old bitches from Malmoe. His name is Bodil and mine is Siv. By the way. The tourmanagers name on the job back home was Lovell-Butt. Quite easy to make fun of. At the end of tour party we all got drunk, but one guy lost his manners and said to Mr Lovell-Butt that it had been a pleasure to work with you Mr Love-Butt and that I see your lovely butt again next year. It wasn't me that said it, but I recon it was me who laughed the loudest. Hope all is well. You seem to have a blast. Maybe it was the wrong choise to do Cham instead of travelling this year, but thats life. Here I still make some money. Rock On.

12:15 PM  

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