Tuesday, December 20, 2005

what a mess getting to quito

it took a while but now i'm here and first impression after about 2 hours is really good if i compare to caracas. my hotel is a nice little place in betwen the 2 centers so its cool and real nice atmosphere but then again i havent sleep there yet! like i said getting here was not the easiest first my flight got canceld from caracas on the sun so i would go on mon instead so far so good leave caracas and get to bogota to change flights got 2 hours delayed but after a while we head of to quito and its a very bumpy ride but i was to tired to be nearvous!anyway we start our decent and our pilot aborts and tells us its bad weather so we go for a second run wich also fails so we head back to bogota and land there at 2 in the morning get driven to a hotel get there at 3 and then they tell us that we have to meet them at 5 to get to the airport so 2 hours of sleep and only airplane food so im not in my best mood but ok lets go of we fly towards quito but upon arrival the weather turns bad so we get flown to another town can't spell the name and we sit there for about 1 till 2 hours and then we fly and actually lands in quito and then we hear the guys talking about that it's quite hard to land in quito and our pilot had chickend out last night but i guess i rather have him go chicken than take a chance but anyway now i'm here so its good and had a big veggie meal good stuff it only costed 1 us 60 cents sweet so now i'm gonna go and eat some more loving it talk to ya soon
tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said...

hello my son
it feels good to know u have a succesfull landing in quito. Wish u a good time and rich of food an beer....sleep well tonight and keep smailing
Kramar o pussar från Morzan
(hämtar pa på centralen ikväll)

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Copenhagen Post said...

Tjena. Christmas. Wish you all Zeb and friends a good one and for the ones that knows the destiny of my cowboy boots DEATH TO DANISH CUSTOMS. Guess thats all. Trying to go to cham as fast as possible. Two people gonna come and look at my appartement in Copenhagen on monday, so wil se. I am off as soon as I get rid of it.

3:52 AM  

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