Sunday, December 25, 2005


hope u had a nice x-mas for me it was quite relaxed with a bit of nasty stomach but i'm happy to say it's getting better by the hour so it's cool.yeasterday i meet a group of canadians it's funny in tobago i only meet germans and here so far only canadiens but thats allright they are nice so why not like i said before i cant wait till tomorrow when i leave but the canadiens told me that when they took the buss some one tried to or did in fact cut their bags but they got cought redhanded with their wallets in hand so i guess i'll have to look out ! otherwise today i've been around oldtown listining to x-mas carrols and having a look around on people and thats always nice ! any way we will see when next i get a computer at hand so untill then u have a happy new year hopefully i'll be in the amazonas for that we will see untill then u know what to do !


Anonymous l said...

salut beau gosse,

I'm really happy for you and on this time i'll give everything for travel and leave chx.
take care, à bientôt.
des grands bisous pour toi.
kram kram xxxxxxx

3:48 AM  

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